3D Design UK is the official importer for 3D Design Japan. We provide exclusive styling and performance upgrades for the BMW and Mini automotive brands. Developing and crafting exceptional quality pieces such as carbon fibre aerodynamic parts, you are able to enhance the styling of your BMW and Mini to your taste. Made from exceptional high quality carbon fibre weave, 3D Design products are produced to a premium finish.

It is highly recommended that you have your parts fitted by trained aftermarket part installers. With a full workshop facility available based in the UK, we are able to supply and fit your BMW and Mini parts including carbon fibre parts, 3D Design exhausts, high flow air intake, accessories and more. We are also able to provide tuning modules or BMW and Mini remaps.

If you require assistance with developing your vehicle or would like to know more information regarding our services, please contact us on 020 8598 9115

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